Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An Evening to Remember




The Cash For Chemo Fundraiser last Friday evening at the La Noche Circus was a great success. We had a terrific turnout and everyone seemed to have a great time. For me it was an emotional whirlwind, SO much love and support in one room! With friends like this I can conquer anything. If I just wasn’t so nauseous, LOL.



This wonderful lady, Jayne Clark, outdid herself, bringing several scrumptious appetizers, serving tables and helping to set up and tear down our food area. Thank you so much Jayne, we love you!



The auction was great fun with so many wonderful Items donated by so many wonderful people!


The last item on the auction block was a box of handmade party hats, modeled here by Patrice and Ernesto. Turned out everyone just paid 50 pesos for one hat and most people had one. They were beautiful and unique.



As far as the entertainment was concerned it doesn’t get any better than Johnny Favourite. He did mostly rock and roll that evening which was a bit of a change from the swing, blues and jazz that we normally hear the La Noche. He even performed “Moondance” for me, one of my favourite songs. Van Morrison has nothing on you Johnny!



Salud!! Todd tapping glasses with Billie Mercer, extraordinary blogger and photographer.




Collen and Laurieanne getting ready for the auction.



We were delighted that our good friend Charlie Hall from Rose Ann Hall Designs here in San Miguel, could be with us on this very special evening. Thank you Charlie!!



Todd and Joseph having fun


My Dream Team! Joseph, Joey and Johnny who were responsible for putting this wonderful evening together.



Barbara Eckrote, from, looking beautiful as always.



Carolyn Elam, without whom I would not have had a single picture. Thank you so much for being the photographer for the evening Carolyn! Amazingly neither Todd nor I thought to bring a camera to this event.


Thank you to everyone involved for making this such a special evening and helping us so much with our huge medical expenses.!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Preemptive Strike





I have been spending a lot of time with Google lately. What is the best diet during chemo? Do visualizations and meditation help? What is the best thing to do about nausea? What should you not do during chemo? Are there natural ways to combat a lowered immune system? How long does it take for hair to start falling out?

I don’t know how accurate the answers were to the rest of the questions but the hair loss response was right on target. Google said two weeks after the first treatments hair loss begins to occur. Yep, sure does. Having three cats I am always pretty much covered in hair, but of late it has been my own.

Obviously I was expecting this, even anticipating it. So I should not have been surprised when almost two weeks to the day after my first treatment, when I was washing my hair, to find it coming out in handfuls. Still it threw me a little to actually see it happening. After a few days of having my hairbrush and clothes full of hair I was envisioning a trail of little hairballs following me everywhere, and the image of my partially bald head with tufts of hair hanging off here and there.

That is when decided to make a preemptive strike and shave my head. I was going to get there soon enough anyway so why not just go directly. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00.




It’s not really a look I would have chosen for myself but it is quite cool and comfortable.




Just a reminder for those of you here in San Miguel de Allende that we are having a fundraiser, Cash For Chemo, to help with my chemo and related costs. It will be a really fun evening at La Noche Piano Bar on Friday August 14th from 6:00 to 11:00 PM. We are having a Sock Hop, with live music performed by Johnny Favourite, an appetizer buffet and a live auction. We have some really wonderful items for the auction. Tickets are 200 pesos each and there are still a few left for anyone who would like to come and eat, dance and have some fun.

Tickets are available at La Noche Piano Bar at #73 Zacateros ,

Abrazos Designs at #24 Zacateros

Joey Merrifield-

or you can contact me through my blog.

It’s going to be a great evening and I hope to see you there!