Monday, June 8, 2015

Good To Be Home…..Mostly


I awoke this morning to the sound of the phone ringing. I knew Todd wasn’t going to get it as he is currently driving a friend to Texas and returning with her car, as she is going on to Canada from there. So I dragged my broken carcass out of bed and of course the phone stopped ringing just as I picked it up.

My first inclination was to crawl back into bed. That was before I noticed the trail of vomit leading across the bedspread, across the bedroom floor and out into the living room. Crap. I had had some stale dated fish in the freezer and decided last night to cook some of it for the cats. I was pretty sure Kashmere, who has a very sensitive stomach, was the vomit culprit.


rain cash 004

Is that a guilty look?


When I went into the kitchen to get some paper towels to clean up the mess I opened the door to the service patio to let in some fresh air and discovered that some animal had managed to get into the service patio and chewed open two garbage bags, strewing the garbage from one end of the patio to the other. Crap again.

I thought I had better work on that mess first as it was garbage day today. After picking up all the garbage, dumping it in a heavy duty black garbage bag and sweeping up the service patio, I dragged the garbage to the street in front of the house, only to have some workers across the street tell me that I had just missed the garbage truck. Crap, yet again.

I dragged the garbage back inside the gate and stuffed it in a large garbage container that we keep there for just such occasions and I noticed that all the plants in front of the house desperately needed water. The hose was already there, so I figured what the heck, might as well do it now. By the time I had finished dragging the hose around behind my walker there was water and a decent amount of mud pretty much everywhere. In order to turn off the water I had to track through the mud and water to turn off the hose.


front porch 004


Now of course the wheels on my walker were covered in mud and I had nothing with which to clean them off so I just had to track through the entry way and dining room into the kitchen leaving a trail of mud. Well the vomit had lasted this long, it could wait until I put on a pot of coffee and cleaned up the mud. After accomplishing both those chores I wadded up a bunch of paper towels and set off to clean up the vomit and put the bedspread in the washing machine.

By then the coffee was ready and I was ready to drink it! I toasted myself a bagel to go along with the coffee. It was only about 10:00 AM and I was already exhausted, as I have not fully recovered from the surgery. I guess that’s why, on my way back to the bedroom with my bagel and coffee, that I sort of ran up against the wall and spilled hot coffee all over me and all over the dining room floor which I had just finished washing. Crap. In my defense it is sort of difficult to steer a walker when you are sitting on it, and both your hands are full.

Back to the kitchen to get more paper towels to clean the floor again. And more coffee. This time I made it back to the bedroom, all the coffee still in the cup, and was about to get on the bed and read while I ate my breakfast when I noticed that I was bleeding fairly profusely. A couple of days ago I had somehow managed to pop a couple of stitches in my lower abdomen and now I had to go and wash and redo the dressing.

With a clean bed and a clean dressing over the remaining stitches I settled in with my Kindle only to discover that my coffee and bagel were cold. Finally resting, eating my cold breakfast and looking out at the plants blooming in the sunshine in the back yard, listening to the birds singing, I thought to myself “well that morning could have gone better but, still…….it’s good to be home.


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  1. Geez, Louise, some mornings are sorta like that, but not usually THAT bad! Glad you survived it. I HATE waking up to cat vomit. It's a helluva way to start the day.
    Hang in there!

  2. LOL, just one of those days, we all have them. It still beats the heck out of being in the hospital!

  3. and, we're certainly glad you're home!

  4. Me too! When are you coming to visit?