Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ramblings of an April Fool



Veg Wed49


Yesterday was April first…April Fool’s Day. Always fun, especially for my husband Todd who is the greatest prankster of them all. However there was fun and foolery to be had on Facebook yesterday as well. Steve Cotton brought the “Tourist Peso” to our attention in pegging the peso, Todd’s good friend Shawn Farquar, world renowned magician, shocked us with his “retirement from magic” and  Patrice Wynne from Abrazos Designs, here in San Miguel, may have been having some fun with us with her post yesterday as well.

But April first is not only April Fool’s Day, it is also our anniversary. Todd’s and mine that is, and yesterday I found myself thinking of that amazing day in 2006. Actually, lately what with the current health issues, I often prefer contemplating my past rather than looking forward. I guess you could call that cowardly, LOL, but it’s the case none the less.

At any rate Todd and I were moving to Mexico and thought it would probably be a good idea to get married since we were planning on buying property and were not up on the Mexican laws. We had already been together for 18 years and had both been married before (twice for me!) and as such we really didn’t want anything traditional or to make a big deal of it all, we just wanted to have fun.

So we got married in Las Vegas on April Fool’s Day. Elvis presided over the ceremony and even picked us up at our hotel in a 1955 pink convertible Cadillac, once owned by Lucille Ball. Definitely not traditional. We were then chauffeured to the Tropicana Hotel where the garden gazebo had been beautifully decorated for the event.


Veg Wed03

A toast in the hotel before the wedding


Since “Elvis” couldn’t legally marry us we had a quick civil service in the Tropicana before going out to the gazebo to say our vows. The venue was beautiful and private and as I approached on the arm of my old friend Jody, who was giving me away, and I thought….”This is perfect”.



Viva Las Vegas!

We were both surprised by what a touching ceremony it actually was. We weren’t really expecting a thoughtful and insightful ceremony performed by an Elvis impersonator, but it left us both a little teary.




I wasn’t all serious though. After Elvis asked “will you take this man” etc. we were expected to answer unha ha. Really, what else, when you think about it?




And it was done with a final crescendo of Viva Las Vegas. So how do you follow up a wedding like that? Honestly we weren’t really sure. We hadn’t thought that far ahead, LOL.


Veg Wed73

Getting started


Veg Wed77


However, being an imaginative bunch we figured it out. A night of debauchery almost unequalled in our past followed, and as they say, a good time was had by all. We won’t talk about the next morning LOL.


Veg Wed08


  1. Good to see you back on the pages. That Elvis bares a strong resemblance to Liberace.

  2. LOL, a very young Liberace yes. I've been very busy dealing with some serious health issues (and coming to grips with them) but I will endeavor to be on the pages more frequently.

  3. You look ravishing my darling. Time flies doesn't it? I think of you almost daily and wonder how you both are doing. Happy Anniversary! What a great wedding you had.....

    1. It really was a blast Barbara! So much fun. We are doing alright. Just waiting for surgery.

  4. Wow, neat to see someone else having a Vegas wedding! Sadly, no Elvis for us at the "Wee Kirk of the Heather" back in '74! 40+ and going strong! Hope the same for you and Todd!

  5. Congratulations Dan. That's quite an accomplishment, it shows you both work at it. I hope it is the same for us too!