Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kamikaze Cats



pigeon remains 004

Thursday Morning Massacre


There has been a marked elevation in the level of destruction around our house lately. Maybe it’s a full moon. It can’t be Spring Fever, it’s August. Candles are being flung off the candelabra on the back patio. Large candles.

The poor harassed, tailless lizards that I find around the house and evacuate to the vacant lot across the street, are escalating in size. The one I found the other day was about six inches long, even with the lack of a tail. As I rescued the poor thing from under the bathroom cabinets, I noticed the malevolent gaze of three cats peering around the corner. Were they snickering?


pigeon remains 006

“Don’t look at me, I don’t even have any teeth!” 

(not that that slows her down)


I swear the mice are getting bigger as well. I sure hope there are no rats in our back yard. Perhaps it is the lack of freedom during the night. Of late, we have been locking the cat door about the time it gets dark as our cats are not the only ones using the cat door. Firstly we can’t afford to feed the entire neighbourhood, and secondly not all the animals welcoming themselves into our home are cats.

The other night one of the motion sensor lights along the side of the house was activated and spotlighted on the wall outside the window was an opossum the size of a small Labrador retriever. Imagine the fray, not to mention the smell which would permeate the house, if our kamikaze cats laid into that beast in our kitchen.



“What? I didn’t do anything!”

photo courtesy of Todd McIntosh


The day before yesterday I relieved Kashmere, pictured above, of a small dead bird. He was not impressed. Perhaps that was the catalyst ( no pun intended ) for this morning’s debacle. I awoke to find the living room rug full of feathers. Following the feather trail into the kitchen and out the cat door ( no I did not go out the cat door, only the feathers did ) I discovered the site of what could only be described as a massacre.


pigeon remains 002

Oh my, this can’t bode well.


As I peered in confusion Todd explained that before I got up this morning our three charming kitties had taken down a full grown pigeon. A really large, full grown pigeon. The pigeon now resides in the trash can out front awaiting pickup on Friday. The cat’s are carefully monitoring the trash can, probably waiting for a chance to haul out and eat their kill.


pigeon remains 005

   “Yah, I did it, so what? Yawn”

Right now I would trade all three of them in for a dog.


  1. Oh my, THREE cats. No varmint should be able to move around your house........without a certain death. Velcro has slowed down and only catches a lizard now and then. I wonder if that is the oppossum that was in my garden for a week or two. I'm sure glad it moved on! Exactly why Velcro has been trained to open the big screen door to let herself out.....Pigeons are delicacies, so I'm told, even by people. Cute post and of course GREAT photos.........

  2. I'll be happy when my cats slow down a little, and thanks the photos were actually mine today, LOL. Well all except one.

  3. The neighborhood cats have discovered by garden is a kitty spa. No dogs. No children. But plenty of turtles, crabs, squirrels, lizards, and birds to pith and display. At times, it looks as if James Audubon himself had tramped through my yard.

  4. At least it's happening outside. Are they leaving a trail of little corpses or is that just my brutal bunch?