Thursday, August 21, 2014

An Afternoon at Casa Angelitos






Perched like a great eagle’s nest atop a hill overlooking San Miguel de Allende, the Casa Angelitos has an incomparable view. Though we have no dearth of boutique hotels here in San Miguel, this one stands head and shoulders above most in it’s warmth and beauty. Tastefully decorated with beautiful Mexican art and furniture, the architectural design is open, airy and built naturally into the cliff on which it rests.




And what a venue for a party! Last Sunday afternoon Todd and I were lucky enough to be invited to join in the celebration of Roger’s birthday. Having taken many pictures of Casa Angelitos, Todd is quite familiar with the property. For me however, this was my first visit and  the first time that I had met Roger Jones and his wife Rosana, the proprietors of Casa Angelitos. They welcomed us to their home with such warmth and charm that I was fairly bowled over.




Two of four or five dining areas offered at the party




No stranger to good food, Rosana runs the Vía Orgánica, an organic vegetable shop and restaurant in Colonia Guadalupe, here in San Miguel. For Roger’s birthday she put on a spread I can only describe as spectacular. Beautiful organic salads, (my favourite was the beet), three kinds of fresh sausage supplied by Antonio, our local creator of Italian and Sicilian style sausage, a wonderful tort with fresh raspberries, strawberries and blueberries that Roger had just brought back from the Lake Chapala area, and much much more.



This kitchen certainly inspires great meals


For dessert, among many other things, we were treated to cinnamon rolls that would put Cinnabon to shame, which Rosana told us her daughter Isabella had casually whipped up at the last minute. This all began with mimosas, then wine with lunch and I finished off with some nice sipping tequila. Life is good!




The house flows seamlessly from one section to another and one level to another.






The suites are elegant and spacious




And the décor warm and inviting




Roger, Rosana and Isabella, thank you so much for your hospitality, you are very gracious hosts.


As is often the case, all the photographs in this post are courtesy of the remarkable talent of my husband Todd McIntosh


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    1. It really is lovely. It is also a hotel, I think they have about 7 suites.

  2. Great photos - Todd has a great eye for 'framing'. Hey I did not see email address so I will ask here - would like to link your Blog on mine - I read yours always and have no idea why I have not done this to date? I like to ask first - so let me know.

  3. Thanks, I will pass your compliment along to Todd. He sure makes my blog easier, LOL.
    Sure I would love to be linked to your blog, thanks. I will also put you on my blog roll, I enjoy your blog as well.

  4. Just beautifully done with gorgeous colors and a down to Earth, life enhancing vibe. It just screams "welcome". Fantastico.

  5. Thank you, I think Casa Angelito, "just screams welcome", all I did was write about it, LOL.