Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chicken, Chatting and Chess





On Thursday afternoon Todd and I were invited to a BBQ at the home of local artists, Joe Miller and his wife Pat. Todd knows Joe, Pat and their gorgeous home well as he is the photographer for the San Miguel de Allende House Tour and the Miller’s home has been on the tour many times. However I had never met these lovely folks or seen their amazing house.

Among other works of art Joe makes giant chess pieces and has a huge chess board set up in his back yard that you can just see at the bottom of the photograph above. Being the airhead that I am I forgot to bring my camera and I am very lucky that Todd has some wonderful pictures of the Millers property.



All set up and waiting for players!


The day was beautiful and warm, but not too hot, perfect for backyard chess. Although I love to play chess, I didn’t actually play as it is a little hard for me to move the pieces around the huge board with my walker, but I enjoyed watching some of the other guests playing a round or two. We had  barbecued chicken and ribs, slow cooked baked beans and couscous salad, all of which was finger lickin’ good.



Even the front door is an intricate piece of art


Todd and I only knew a couple of people there which always makes for an interesting time, chatting with new people and learning about their lives. The guest list was made up of several visitors to San Miguel as well as some long time residents. The wine was abundant and the conversation was lively and fun.




The inside of the house is extraordinary with every room a gallery unto itself. Large and airy with an open floor plan, it houses an eclectic array of beautiful art and furnishings that somehow blend effortlessly into a whole that is striking, yet also warm and welcoming.



The rooms are alive with colour and light


for martha_ShiftN




Every little nook and cranny has been used to full advantage to showcase the Miller’s unique and creative collection of art.





Wall up


We had a wonderful afternoon, met some delightful people and I felt privileged to have been included. We are so lucky to live among so many talented people here in San Miguel.


joe cactus


  1. Glad you've met some new people and had fun. I wonder if Joe is the person who made the chess set for John Davidson, the singer when they lived on Cuesta de San Jose. We had much fun with that set! I don't think I know the Millers, however.

    1. It's possible Barbara, he is pretty prolific as far as the chess sets go. And everything else really, he's incredibly creative and apparently he never plans anything out, just sits down and creates. They're a charming couple.

  2. Wow, what a place, a feast for the eyes.

  3. It really was Peter, it was like being in a museum, LOL.

  4. There is no doubt -- it is the home of an artist.

  5. Indeed, it is almost sensory overload!