Friday, February 7, 2014

A Wonderful Surprise



Beach 2013 105


I am still actually playing catch-up. In recent months my life has become much more complicated, and certainly busier. The last few months of last year had left us reeling, both emotionally and financially, with the last unexpected surgery, the hematoma and the resulting infection.

The surgery was expensive (again), and also an unbudgeted expenditure. Then came six weeks of weekly visits to the surgeon in Querétaro, with an additional financial outlay for treatment, medications, ex-rays and gas. Also, for the first time, we really feared that I might lose my leg. All in all by mid December we were pretty much emotionally and financially drained and faced with the need to put early retirement on the back burner.

About that time an angel in the form of my dear friend Leah, from Vancouver, offered us exactly what we needed. When we had last spoken in late November she had mentioned that she and her family were going to go to Bucerias, near Puerto Vallarta, for the week between Christmas and New Year. What she didn’t mention at the time is that she had booked a room for Todd and I as well, at an all-inclusive resort there, the Royal Decameron.

We were gobsmacked, to say the least, by this generous and timely gift! All we had to do was get ourselves there, which is an easy 7 or 8 hour drive, on the beautiful Mexican cuotas, toll roads, from San Miguel.


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We had been to the Royal Decameron a couple of times before, once to meet Leah and family and again a couple of years later, with our son and daughter-in-law when they were visiting from Australia. It is a really wonderful vacation with everything you could possibly want included with the price of the room.


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There are six colourful buildings, seven different restaurants, and at least five giant swimming pools in the complex, but if you prefer to have your toes in the sand the resort is right on the beach.


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Morning Yoga on the beach


There does always seem to be a lot of Canadians at the Royal Decameron. Actually the guests on this last visit seemed to be pretty much split between Canada and Mexico City. I’m not sure where the Americans go, LOL.


Beach 2013 100


The food is amazing, whether you are dining in one of the buffets, which have a different theme each evening, or one of the Japanese, Italian, Brazilian, Thai or Mexican Fusion restaurants.


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It’s not really necessary to leave the complex but we did go into Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias on a few occasions for sightseeing, and Leah’s high intensity shopping.


Beach 2013 139

Along the Malecon in PV

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Beach 2013 145


But after a day in the city it was nice to get back to the Royal Decameron.


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Beach 2013 131


Beach 2013 064

My friend Jorge, the iguana


Now much relaxed, we are once again ready to take on the world and facing the new year with a better outlook. Not to mention working our sorry little butts off!

Thank you Leah!


  1. What a wonderful and generous gift! And at the perfect time, too! Isn't it interesting how that happens sometimes? Last summer a friend gave Paul and me a week at a fancy resort here as a gift post chemo. Really hit the spot, so I truly understand. Hope that you don't have to get back in the rat race too awfully hard but those doctor bills can really add up. I am so glad things are going well for you with your leg and it will be all good news from here on out.

  2. I left the rat race behind Nancy. I really don't mind working in beautiful Mexico. It's a whole different mind set! The trip really was just what we needed at exactly the right time. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

  3. You have a great set of friends. With great timing and thoughtfulness.

    And I am glad ou enjoy Puerto Vallarta. I almost retired there, but I never have quite managed to figure out the rhythm of the place.

  4. You're right there Steve, we are very lucky!

    It would never have occurred to me to live in Puerto Vallarta, but the more I visit, the more I like it. I think I could live there.

  5. Saludos Shannon, les mandamos un fuerte Abrazo, haa también tao manda saludos

    1. Gracias, fue una vacación muy relajante y refrescante. Un fuerte abrazo para ti y Mónica y también para Tao!