Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Gallery of Graffiti



graffiti 042

There is Graffiti…..


Several months ago as I was driving into town for something, I noticed a young man painting on a wall in our neighbourhood. I didn’t holler out the window at him, to “stop that”, I didn’t call the police and I didn’t even just drive away and ignore him. I stopped to watch.


graffiti 012

And Then There is Graffiti


He was painting the “graffiti” in the photo above. Amazingly it is still there, untouched. The other more traditional graffiti artists have left it unsullied. Actually it turns out that this fellow is not only talented but quite prolific. His work is starting to pop up all over the neighbourhood.


graffiti 049

Black Beauty


The horse in the photo above appeared a couple of months after the first painting, just around the corner from our house. I love it. You can see the cement on the wall around the horse. This is where other, more traditional graffiti, had been covered up. The city is actually pretty good about coming out and painting, or cementing, over regular graffiti but unfortunately it is usually back within a few days. Not here though. It seems that this new artist commands a certain amount of respect.


graffiti 048

El Lagarto Verde


The next to arrive was this beautiful green lagarto, lizard. He looks like he is about to jump off the wall!


graffiti 035


The newest additions joined the neighbourhood about two weeks ago. Just a couple of blocks from out house, alongside the arroyo, a brick arch straddles the road. On the far side the lizard stands guard, while on this side, the flower lady releases birds on one side  of the road and a Catrina, burdened with bird cages, graces the other.


graffiti 041


I think that this is such a wonderful mode of self-expression. I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet the artist again so that I can thank him for brightening up our neighbourhood.

Many of our local graffiti artists are capable of this kind of street art. We discovered this last December when a gigantic Christmas tree was erected in El Jardin, our main town plaza. Under the tree were huge boxes, representing Christmas presents, painted by some our local street talent. It was all done with spray cans and was really quite impressive.



Christmas Graffiti


graffiti 031


This latest painting, in the above photo, has only been there a couple of days. It is around the corner from the original paintings and I don’t know if it is the same artist or not. There is a definite difference in the style of this painting from the others.

We clearly have some artistic talent here in San Miguel. If more of it could be focused on enhancing public property rather than defacing it, our beautiful city could be more beautiful still.


graffiti 025


graffiti 017


  1. Wow, that kind of graffiti I like !! I hope the others continue to respect his work and not mess it up.
    His work really brightens up those plain walls, good for him whoever he is.

  2. Isn't he great? I hope his work doesn't get ruined too. Our neighbourhood is looking very festive lately.

  3. Looks great! Lately here in Vancouver the art is getting much better too.

  4. That's good to hear Peter. I really hope it becomes a trend. It is certainly a huge improvement over the usual graffiti.

  5. As you know, I have photographed graffiti in various countries. It fascinates me. I am still ambivalent about the seizure of other people's property to satisfy one's selfish expression. But, for all I know, he may have the landowner's permission. Even so, it is far better than the mindless gang marks that often blight urban areas.

  6. I couldn't agree more. I really don't know if he has permission or not. I rather hope so, but I would not be surprised if he does not. Still, I like the festiveness that it lends to the area.

  7. I remember the first time I saw the long wall mural (dont think it is graffiti) just across the bridge from my car mechanic. I went back to photograph it. Lovely, very whimsical. Love all the others you have posted! Great talent.......
    The city has had an anti-graffiti program since 2008. There are two painters assigned to cover up offensive graffiti within 24 hours by call or emailing the International Relations dept at the city. The paint is donated by the paint stores and the two people are paid partly by ex-pats and the government.
    I think it has worked exceedingly well.........

  8. I agree, Barbara. They do a really good job. I have also recently discovered that the paintings are sanctioned by the city as a beautification project for bare walls. I think that is very cool as well!

  9. Are the red-and-white walls Pátzcuaro? Did they ever get a handle on the graffiti-vandalism problem there?

  10. No the red and white wall is San Miguel,Doug. We're living here now. I think Patzcuaro is still having graffiti problems. I don't know of a city that doesn't but the painted walls here seem to help a lot. Do you have graffiti where you are now?