Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bistro Los Senderos


Today, being a beautiful sunny Sunday, Todd and I decided to do something different. We drove out to Los Senderos ( the trails ) and had brunch at the Bistro there. Surrounded by 300 acres of untouched rolling hills, the view was spectacular. The restaurant is mostly outside but is walled with glass and the lower end is covered, should there be inclement weather. The upper patio area is built around two giant old trees whose limbs spread wide covering the entire area with sun-dappled shade.



Bistro, Center Patio


In the back, roofed but walled with glass, is the bar which overlooks the garden. The whole restaurant area is surrounded by beautiful cactus gardens but this particular one is of the organic vegetable variety.



Bar in Bistro Los Senderos


I thought the food was wonderful, all obviously very fresh, as so much of it came from the garden right outside the restaurant. Everything is organic and what they don’t grow themselves is purchased from the same organic growers that supply the Saturday organic market at the Rosewood. Saturday Morning in San Miguel

I had an omelet stuffed with mushrooms, asparagus and brightly coloured bell peppers, topped with some mozzarella cheese and a little white daisy. All of this was couched on a bed of crisp lettuce, rainbow chard, thinly sliced rings of red onion and finely shredded carrot. A really beautiful presentation. Todd’s Eggs Florentine were also beautiful, sitting atop a bed of baby spinach, cooked so lightly as to still be bright green. This came with large slices of grilled vegetables, brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary.



Eggs Florentine


Right after our food arrived the chef came to our table with another poached egg bathed in hollandaise and told us that one of Todd’s eggs had broken a little and she was afraid it might be a little overdone. Gotta like that! He said everything was perfect, but needless to say, did not turn down the proffered egg. Todd was so pleased when he saw the grilled vegetables that he ate half of them before it occurred to him to take a picture though.



Bistro Garden


The 300 acres of Los Senderos, as  the name infers, is riddled with trails. You can walk, borrow a bicycle or take a tour by horseback. The website says that even your dog is welcome, definitely true, as I noticed someone had brought their German Shepard to lunch. The equestrian area looked very nice and they even offer riding lessons. Although the horseback option is a little pricy, I will definitely do that when I get the okay from the doctor to ride again.



Waiting For A Trail Ride


Garden 2

Cactus Gardens Near The Restaurant




There are a lot of options here for your day in the wilderness. You can arrange a package which includes a guided tour on horseback and then a gourmet lunch at the Bistro, or they will pack you a picnic that you can take along with you or just eat at one of the patio areas around the restaurant.



Nice Spots For A Picnic Lunch




The weather was really perfect today, hot with a nice cool breeze, and I would have loved to have been able to do a little exploring in all that natural mountain desert. Today, however, I had to be satisfied with a walk among the gardens, which I enjoyed immensely. Every time I venture out I discover another reason why San Miguel is such a great place to live!


  1. Eggs Florentine - have not seen them in Mexico - looks scrumptious!

  2. Oh my goodness, it was yummy! I've seen them on a few menus here in San Miguel but never tried them. I'll bet they'd be hard pressed to compete with that one.

  3. It is Brenda! I've lived in San Miguel over a year now and it seems like I still discover something new every week.

  4. They are growing and improving. The glass walls and the roof are a new addition to the dining space. It is a lovely venue. Hopefully it will catch on as they have had a hard time keeping an operator to take care of the foodservice. Hopefully this person will work out!
    It ALL looked yummy.

  5. I hope they make a go of it too Barbara, the food was really good and you're right, the venue is beautiful. Apparently there are 2 Swedes and a Bolivian running it now. We met one of the chefs and she was lovely.

  6. Having known and worked with one of the 2 Swedes (Anders Litzen) for a number of years, I can assure you, if anyone can make it work, he can. His passion for all things food, beverage and hospitality might be equalled by a few, but it cannot be surpassed. The Bistro is in very capable hands!

  7. Thank you Sandra, that's wonderful to hear. I was very impressed with the food, the restaurant, the service and the grounds. I look forward to returning to try more of the menu.