Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Day In The Life…


It is amazing how one day can be so bad and then the next one dawns with such glory that it is hard to imagine it was ever any other way. In my last post I whined about my, somewhat accident prone, existence but today I am inspired by Barbara of BABSBLOG to share the joy that I am currently experiencing.


20090512_60 (2)


Last night we had a magnificent and violent electrical storm with thunder that actually drowned out the cohetes, the rockets that are still exploding overhead in celebration of Independence Day. The rain sheeted down creating a pond on the covered back patio which seeped into the living room, leaving puddles on the floor.

Today the air is crystal clear, the sun is shining and the sky is incredibly blue. The birds are singing and a beautiful lizard is sunning itself on the garden wall. The cats are basking in the too long grass and a vermillion fly catcher sits on the wall, starkly red, against the blue of the sky.


garden 025


Today the soccer fields behind the house are uncharacteristically quiet and the sound of church bells can be heard in the distance. In the vacant lot across the street a few wild flowers are starting to appear and an electrical wire sports a row of little birds with bright yellow breasts. A neighbourhood cat is eying them with bad intent.




Alright, perhaps I wax a little too poetic, but all these things combine to create a magic that is difficult to describe and I find that I am very happy. Maybe living in Mexico has taught me to take the time to appreciate these special moments or maybe it is simply because I now have more free time than I did in the past. However, I am less inclined to delve into the psychological reasons for this than to simply enjoy the moment.


  1. Sounds lovely and relaxing. I hope all your days are like this rather than your Murphys Law day the other day.
    We also had a good day so far, went to INM office and got our new living permits for this year and I also got my designation changed to Artista y Deportista (now I can sell my artwork) from Rentista, we also changed from the former FM3/s to the former FM2's (now inmigrante). Nice to be done with that for another year.

  2. Thank you Brenda, it was a lovely day. So glad you were able to get your Artista and Deportista. You should have no trouble selling your wonderful paintings!