Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Man’s Rubbish Is Another Man’s Treasure


On one of our trips to Mexico, prior to our moving here, I once dragged Todd half way across Querétaro to see a Mexican Costco. Convinced that it would be something interesting and exotic because it was in another country, I wasted a day of our vacation and was sorely disappointed to discover that it was just like every other Costco that I had ever been to, in Canada or the States. The only discernable difference was that it had less merchandise than it’s counterparts to the north and was considerably more expensive.

On Sunday we went to the San Miguel Pulga. The Flea Market. You would think that I might have learned something from the Costco debacle, but holding true to form, I was clearly expecting something more exotic, or at least less mundane, than I actually got. I wish we could all cross borders and cultural boundaries as readily as Costco and the Flea Market. It could have been the school gymnasium or the Rec Center in any little Canadian or American town.


Pulga 013

North Vancouver, Bellingham or San Miguel?


Even most of the merchandise, with the exception of a few Mexican art pieces and food items could have been found in any Flea Market I’ve ever attended. Actually, I find them fascinating so I have attended quite a few. A cursory look around revealed an awful lot of junk, but never one to be deterred by challenge, I set off to sort through the mountains of geegaws in search of a treasure that I was sure was buried therein.


.Pulga 023

Jewelry And Polished Stones


Among the racks and racks of old clothes I found a skirt that I had to have for 50 pesos. Next Todd found some funky blown glass rings that no jewelry box should be without, and we were just beginning!


Pulga 026

Handbags, Makeup Bags, Pin Cushions


It was a veritable cornucopia of STUFF. There were tools, knives and stun guns. Uh huh. There were silver tea services and chipped coffee mugs. Oil lamps from the 1930’s, books in English and Spanish and a wall hanging of Ganesh. Lots of toys, salt shakers, egg cups and glassware that had managed to stay unbroken for decades.There was luggage and gloves with no fingers, pill, cigarette and cell phone cases, embroidered pillow cases and ribbons and beads………….


Pulga 028

Knick Knacks, Glassware and Luggage


Pulga 042

Things of Unknown Origin or Purpose…..


 Pulga 030

And The Money Changed Hands….



My Oh My


Just before we left I found an old Weightwatchers cookbook for 10 pesos, which was just what I needed, but my only regret is not stopping to try on the brocade and mink shoes with the leopard skin lining.


  1. I am willing to bet the sleeping bag, GPS holder, and jumper cables from my car were on offer at a similar flea market last year. I should have ransomed them back.

  2. You could probably have gotten a good deal on them, since the seller's overhead was so low.